Interested in kooikerhondje?

If you are interested in buying a kooikerhondje puppy in Finland, you can contact directly the breeders or the puppy informer of the Club by e-mailing

The association updates a list of planned, mated and born kooikerhondje litters consisting of litters the breeders have announced to the Kooikerclub and that will be registered into the register of Finnish Kennel Club. The Kooikerclub doesn't have any puppy reservation lists. The Kooikerclub is not responsible for the litters and matings shown on the list, the breeders themselves are responsible for them. With each combination there is a note if the combination fulfills the breeding criteria. If it doesn't meet the criteria, the reasons for that are also shown. Only the Finnish version is up to date and is listed below. You can get to the list here.

Last Updated: Friday, 24 July 2020 10:40