The Finnish Kooikerhondje Association

Finnish Kooikerhondje Club was established on 16th of October in 1999. Nowadays it has around 250 members. It works as a member club of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Spaniel Club and Finnish Agility Association.

The basic idea of the Club is to promote breeding of kooikerhondjes with focus on their health, character and outlooks according to the breed standard. The purpose of the Club is to bring out the breed in a positive way, support the breeders, deliver knowledge and know-how and organize trainings and tests. With this objective the Club works in co-operation with other kennel organizations both in Finland and abroad, especially with the origin country of the breed.

The Finnish Kennel Club has a public database of all registered, pure-breed dogs. It is free of charges and open without registration. So, if you are interested in kooikerhondjes in Finland, please check this link *KoiraNet* (Finnish Kennel Club Breeding Database). We recommend that you change the user settings in KoiraNet (look for the word 'Settings'). The database is more practical, when you see the health results (patella, eyes, hips, elbows etc.) in all listings. 

The DLA-research ended in 2013, because the commercial laboratory from which we bought the analysis is no more continuing with the same test, but offering some other test instead.

If you are looking for a breeding dog in Finland, click *here*. The pedigrees of the dogs are in KoiraNet and you can study them by clicking the dog's registration number. Also all the official health examinations (eyes, patella, hips, elbows) and all show and trial results are in KoiraNet.

If you are interested in buying a kooikerhondje puppy in Finland, you can contact directly the breeders or the puppy informer of the Club by e-mailing Click *here* to find more information.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 April 2014 19:35