The breeding committee of Finnish Kooikerhondje Club works under Finnish Spaniel Club. The annual general meeting of Kooikerhondje Club chooses the president of the breeding committee for two years and the president gathers the other members to the committee.

The breeding committee collects information on deceases, characters and outlooks in order to help the breeders to select a suitable and breeding criteria fitting dog for her/his bitch with focus on long-span development in breeding. As the population of the breed is small worldwide, the task of breeding is very challenging and the committee guides the breeders to maintain the gene pool as extensive as possible. The breeding committee informs the breeders about the risk of a combination and when asked for recommendation, either gives the recommendation or grounds why the requirements are not fulfilled.

In the recent years the tasks of the breeding committee have been:

  • answering the breeding requests
  • answering the inquiries of the breeders
  • keeping up the breeding rules and breeding agenda
  • carrying out a health questionnaire, informing about the results
  • publishing the official health results
  • gathering the information for Finnish part of Club Register
  • writing articles related to breeding for the Kooikerhondje-magazine
  • keeping up the list of breeding dogs
  • advising in and organizing vWd-testing
  • organizing breeding negotiations
  • following up the health status of kooikerhondjes in Finland and abroad
  • gathering information valuable for breeding e.g. causes of death
  • following up the gene project in Finland
  • co-operation with the VHNK and other organizations
  • co-operation with dog show judge training and updating training

 A member of breeding committee has taken part to the international kooikerhondje symposium organized in Holland 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012. In addition to that, the members have annually refreshed their knowledge by attending the breeding seminars held in Finland.

If you have questions about breeding of kooikerhondjes, please send e-mail to   

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