Alie Bennink-Smies
Alie Bennink-Smies

Carla Snels


Erikoisnäyttelyn 2016 tuomareiksi on kutsuttu 

Carla Snels, arvostelee nartut

Alie Bennink-Smies, arvostelee urokset

Molemmat tuomarit ovat Hollannin kooikerhondjeyhdistyksen (Vereniging 'Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje' (VHNK)) suosittelemia ja Alankomaiden päänäyttelyssä Clubmatchissa arvostelleita.


Alie Bennink-Smies
I am very  hounered to be invited to judge on your speciality show and looking foreward to see your lovely Kooikerhondjes.

I myself have Cocker Spaniels all my live and judging spaniels sins 1980. During the following years I became very interested in Kooikerhondjes, I love them for their size, temperament and striking colour. The way they are  built give them great working ability. So I like a normal builded dog fitting into the standard  able to do his/her work without exaggeration.

Judging Championshipshows and CACIB shows in Holland and abroad, also in your beautiful Country in 2005. I know you have excellent quality dogs and I’m looking forward to see them again.


Carla Snels
I am Carla Snels, 58 years old, and I grew up with Dachshund and a German short-haired pointing dog. My husband and I got our first Kooikerhondje Daisy in 1988. We had to wait 4 years before we could get her. That was a normal time to wait in those days. Then I started with canine studies. After 2 years our second  Kooikerhondje Cheetah came. Because off Cheetah (Amber-Cheetah v't Keijzersland) I got into dogshowing. Cheetah won a lot of titles and she brought us in many countries in Europe. She was also a very real working dog; so I was also active in agilty and flyball.

In 1991 we got our 1st litter Kooikerhondjes with Daisy. That was the beginning of kennel v.d. Toetesteijn. We kept two daughters from Cheetah; Dancer and Exit. Since 1999 we have 4 dogs and we have an average of one litter per year.

In 1991 the Dutch kooikerhondjeclub(VHNK)  asked me to join the breedingcommittee (WOK). I've done so for many years with great enthusiasm to get a better picture of the quality of our population and to assist breeders in making breeding combinations. That was the reason for me to make the current Kooikerhondje Clubregister. I still have a lot of contact with several breeders all over the world to gather information that all breeders can use to make breedingpairs.

Since 1998 I am also a judge for this breed. As a real breedspecialist I look very much to the type.

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