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The main reason for starting this crossbreeding project is kooikerhondjes’ health problems: Polymyositis, other autoimmune diseases, different kinds of renal diseases, sterility in dogs (especially male infertility).

Changing kooikers’ temperament is not our goal but we are looking for breeds that have traits which kooikers already have or which could result in a positive outcome (sociability, boldness, curiosity, no sensitivity to sounds).


The breeds and individuals used in these crossbreedings are first approved by The Finnish Kooikerhondje association’s breeding committee and then approved by The Finnish Kennel Club. The Finnish Kennel Club that makes the final decision on which breeds and individuals are used.

All individuals despite their breed must be health checked according to kooikerhondjes’ Finnish breeding regulations (eyes, patella, hips), kooikers must in addition be tested for vWd and ENM. Also their behaviour and temperament are evaluated (dog shows, mental tests, or hunting results… etc). Kooikerhondjes used in the crossbreeding project must have received at least VG (very good) in a dog show at the age of 15 months or older. All individuals used in the project must be at least 3 years old, and have had at least one litter earlier.

Presenting a breed includes giving information about their behaviour, temperament, health (and health problems) as well as conformation. A short summary of the breed's history can be included. Breeds used in the crossbreeding project should resemble kooikerhondje by their temperament and overall appearance (e.g. other spaniels) or have no strong traits (e.g. Companion and Toy Dogs). Also other breeds from other FCI groups can be put under consideration.

The first generation of crossbred puppies (F1) are thoroughly evaluated based on health, temperament and conformation. As many dogs as possible from the first generation (F1) will be bred, and only dogs that fail to meet health and temperament requirements will be excluded from the breeding program at this point. The F1-dogs are registered to EJ-register (EJ = not for breeding) and if they meet the health and personality criteria set in the program will they be transferred to ER-register (ER = special register, can be used for breeding).

We will use kooikerhondjes’ Club Register, the Finnish Breeding Database (KoiraNet) and fit2breed as tools to benefit kooikerhondje as a breed with these crossbreedings.

When? For how long?

The crossbreeding project is an on-going project. We would like to begin with 3-5 outcross litters with different breeds within the first five years (2021 - 2026).

After these first crossbred litters and the first F4-generation, more outcross litters will be made e.g. every 5 years as a way to increase the genetic diversity. This project is an addition to the other tools (exports, imports, foreign male matings, using different individuals to breeding) we use to help the gene pool become larger.

Approvals (timeline)

      In March 2019 the Finnish Kooikerhondje association had a vote regarding the crossbreeding project: it was approved.

      In June 2020 the Finnish Spaniel Club gave their approval to crossbreeding

      In September 2020 VHNK (Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje) gave their statement

      In January 2021 the Finnish Kennel Club approved kooikerhondjes’ crossbreeding project

The crossbreeding program still needs to be elaborated and specified but the Finnish Kennel Club gave us permission to do one(1) crossbred litter without a finished program.

Note from the VHNK (February 2021)

From the Finnish Kooikerhondje club "Suomen Kooikerhondje ry" we get the news that the Finnish Kennel Club has approved the request for outcross, which the club did some time ago.

During the authorization procedure, the application was also submitted to the VHNK. The board discussed this and pointed them to a number of key issues.

 According to the VHNK, an outcross is at this moment not the most desirable way to address the inbreeding problem. The VHNK's plan is to achieve greater genetic diversity through a breeding support program. In Finland, breeders have health problems that can - but do not have to – be caused by inbreeding. We do not experience the same problems in the Netherlands. 

 The outcross remains an independent decision of the Finnish club. The association has drawn up a well thought-out plan and ensures a good implementation.

Now we get the news that as part of the outcross project a female is mated with two different working-cocker males. The whole project will be carefully documented and monitored.

We trust that the cooperation with the Finnish Club will continue to be good and that the whole Kooikerworld  can learn from the experience.


Kerstin Ueckert

VHNK's Chairman of the Board



The Finnish Kooikerhondje Association was established on October 1999. It works as a member of Finnish Kennel ClubFinnish Spaniel Club and Finnish Agility Association.

Kooikerhondje is a small dog breed, it’s height according to breed standard is 35-40cm. It is coloured white with red markings. Kooikerhondje is lively breed which is usually loyal to its owner from very small age. As such an active dog it goes well to many activities such as agility, blood tracking or obedience. Being sensitive breed kooikerhondje needs a consistent owner.

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